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Request a website and digital marketing audit

- by Andrew Whittle

Request a website and digital marketing audit

So you know you need to revamp your website to stay ahead of your competitors. You may of had the same website for the past couple of years and its looking a little dated. You may also do some online marketing but want to explore other avenues such as Twitter Ads, permission based marketing or banner advertising.

The trouble is where do you start and you are probably thinking you do not have the time, which usually results in shelving the project. At the end of the day you need to concentrate on running your business.

Whittle Design can help, we will assess your current website including the design, usability, content, SEO and overall brand positioning.

We will also review your wider online marketing such as your social media activity and advertising. We will compile our findings into a free easy to read audit, which you can use as a basis for identifying areas that need looking at.

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