We provide creative illustration and surface design to enhance your brand in traditional and digital media.

Don't follow the crowd, be bold, be original, be YOU!

We love illustration, from traditional media such as watercolour, pen and ink and the good old pencil to digital and 3D illustration. Providing you with hand crafted illustration gives us a chance to produce something really special and original for your business. A well crafted illustration will make your brand unique and give you a creative edge over your competitors. How would you feel if all the hard work you have put into producing your product or service was branded in exactly the same way as one of your competitors?

We've seen it! With so many companies using stock photography and illustration the chances are that you may come across a competitor using the same image or icon as you. Why not commission your own unique and original bespoke illustrations to set you apart and firmly establish your brand. This could form part of your logo, be secondary creative assets to your brand or you may simply require illustration to explain how something works such as a step-by-step user guide. 

Illustration services we offer

Food illustration in Cornwall
Fruit illustration in Cornwall
Sausage dog illustration in Cornwall
Sausage Dog
Cactus illustrations in Cornwall
Ketchup illustration in Cornwall
Illustrated Floral Posters
Illustrated Floral
Floral surface illustrations, Penzance, Cornwall
Floral & Surface Designs
Black and white illustrations, Penzance, Cornwall
Black & White Illustrations
Herb illustrations, Penzance, Cornwall
Herb Illustrations
Pen and ink sushi illustrations, Penzance
Sealife Art Prints
Food illustrations - Watercolour & pen and ink, Penzance
Food Art Prints
Digital Illustrated recipes - Penzance in Cornwall
They Draw and Cook
Sushi Illustrations - Penzance in Cornwall
Sushi Illustrations
Botanical illustrations - Watercolour & pen and ink, Penzance
Botanical Sketchbook