5 ideas that will power up and relaunch your website

5 ideas that will power up and relaunch your website

Let your website work harder for you with 5 ideas that will power up and relaunch your website, save you time and earn more revenue.

Your website is the most important marketing tool you have, it is usually the first port of call for new customers so it is important that it works as hard as it can to promote your services, products and brand. Thing is a website should never be finished, it should be maintained as often as possible such as regular blog posts (at least one a month), case studies if you have them, testimonials, regular review of images and text and not to mention SEO. Even when you have done that there is always more you can do to improve visitors engagement and turn them into sales leads.

Automate enquiries and email signups

#1 - Automate enquiries and email signups

Are you receiving enquiries that simply drop into your mailbox, then you add them to a mailing list such as MailChimp or a CRM system such as Hubspot? That sounds like a lot of repetitive work so why not automate the process so that all enquiries populate your CRM and/or MailChimp automatically? Just think of how much time that will free up for you. Also, why not set MailChimp to send an introduction email once someone signs up, this is a great way of promoting your services or offering a free download.


#2 - AI

Definitely the buzz word right now and some of you may be worried it will take over our jobs and the world. We're not there just yet but it is hard to ignore how AI can help our business on a day-to-day basis. It's everywhere we look these days, pretty much every application has implemented it such as MailChimp, email, website CMS systems and dare I say it the likes of Canva, but that’s another article altogether. It's important to remember that AI should not be used to replace tasks such as writing content or even design for that matter, however we are seeing a rise in poorly designed images online that all look the same, Canva here’s looking at you! Also worth mentioning is that AI generated images cannot be copyrighted to you and your business. Instead,you should use it alongside your usual processes. For example, if you are stuck on writing some copy for your website, you can prompt ChatGPT and it will reel off more text than you can handle but use this as a guide, not a replacement because it will be glaringly obvious to your readers.

Online Booking and calendar syncing

#3 - Online Booking and calendar syncing

Let's say you would like to take bookings for an activity you provide or even allow customers to book a time slot for a consultation with you. Rather than them emailing or ringing you, your website could include a simple booking facility using a platform such as Calendry. They can select a timeslot and book it online and we can also connect your Calendar such as Google Calendar, so you are in full control of when you are available. Even better,you can add a payment option, ideal if you want to charge for a consultation.All of this can be automated. We developed a similar process for The Wedding Barn whereby brides and grooms can schedule a viewing of the barn and the whole process is automated, saving The Wedding Barn a lot of time answering emails and calls.

Members only areas (gated content)

#4 - Members only areas (gated content)

This is a fantastic way of adding value to your website and building up a mailing list. Let’s say you want to offer tuition online to students. We can develop a member only section to your website which can even include different levels of subscription and even set premium levels that you can charge for. Maybe you have documents or content you would like to share with clients or users, not a problem, we can lock this section of to registered clients or members. We built a similar solution for J.Osborne and works incredibly well.

Social media embeds and Google Reviews

#5 - Social media embeds and Google Reviews

If you are on top of your social media, why not feed your posts into your website, this can be Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube videos etc… It’s also an ideal way of showing viewers of your website recent posts without going directly to each social media platform. Maybe you have lots of positive Google Reviews, why not have these feed into your website, ideal for building up trust with users.

These are just some ideas which can make your website work harder for you. If you would like to take your website to the next level, please get in touch and we can arrange a chat.


What our customers are saying

5 star reviews from just some of our happy customers
Will Osborne
5 stars review
We approached a number of companies for provision of a new website for our companies J Osborne Limited and J Osborne Healthcare and made the decision to use Whittle Design Studio's services having been impressed with their advice, openness and suggestions. We are delighted with the results and also the support that followed has been second to none. We would have no hesitation to recommend Whittle Design Studio, their work is of a great standard and are extremely easy to work with.
Sarah Liberty
5 stars review
After a bad experience regarding a lack of communication with my previous web designer i came across Whittle Design . I felt Andrew knew exactly what i wanted and needed to help me grow my business. Communication is excellent and i have found them both to be professional, extremely helpful and knowledgeable in being able to help my business go forward . Would highly recommend.
Brian Stanleick
5 stars review
My daughter was starting a business and Andrew did the design work with logo,s web site etc.. I was very impressed the way he hit the brief perfectly..So impressed I then asked him to redesign my web site which he has done.Its now totally refreshed..we are now considering him to design our holiday let site..From beginning to end he was very efficient and kept in touch with updates... Very good value for money
Richemont Lewis
5 stars review
The experience of working with Whittle Design Studio has been a complete success and quite enjoyable along the way. Andrew and his team have interpreted our intentions with astonishing effectiveness. From the start, our briefs for various projects were heard, understood, interpreted, and implemented. The process was smooth, clear, and engaging. Brief Zoom meetings quickly clarifies open questions. I look forward to future projects with Whittle Communications.
Adam Fletcher
5 stars review
Andrew produced the website we wanted following 1/2 zoom calls. He listened and took on board our needs and a few days later we had ourselves a website to be proud of.
Madeleine Weightman
5 stars review
Andrew helped with some UI design for our application and also putting together some Demo's. Great to work with and good clean designs.