Unique logo design for your unique business

We have designed lots of logos for Cornwall and UK based businesses from start-ups to small and medium size businesses.

We take great care and attention when designing your new logo, which includes getting to know your business, competitor research, defining your brand characteristics and positioning. This discovery stage helps us set goals so that we can design your new logo to convey the right message and attract your ideal customer. Not to be confused with your branding, your logo is the visual identity of your business, the symbol that clients and prospects will identify with your brand.

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Our logo design process

Whittle Design Studio adopt a design process that delivers not only a great looking logo but a logo that will stand the test of time and work across all of your marketing material and branding. Before we design your logo, we like to get to know your business. What makes it special, where do you want to position your brand, who are your competitors, what visual tone of voice would convey the right message to your prospects, do certain colours represent your sector, what type of font would suit your business etc… These are all questions we ask before we start on the design of your new logo. By asking all these questions it helps us set goals and will result in a great logo from which to build your brand and business. Click here to read our logo design process.