New website for Manchester based J.Osborne

We have launched a new website for Manchester based J.Osborne. The new site has been redesigned and built from the ground up on the Webflow platform.

We have worked with J.Osborne for nearly 15 years and have developed various sites. The previous site was developed on the WordPress platform and served J.Osborne well for many years but it was time to redesign and build the site.

Redesigned and developed on the Webflow platform

As our preferred development platform, Webflow was the perfect fit for the new site. The structure of the new site was streamlined and because of the power of Webflow we were able to achieve the level of design we envisioned. The site content including all images are optimised to improve load times which also has an impact on Google search results.

Webflow website design Manchester

Members only area

A core feature of the new website is the members only area which provides a secure area where clients can download various Word templates for employment law and health and safety. the previous WordPress site had this functionality, however it took alot of work to add new documents, now with the new site what used to take at least five minutes to add one doc, now takes less than a minute.

You can view the site at