The power of the Webflow CMS

The power of the Webflow CMS

Webflow is an amazing web development platform but one of the features that really makes it stand out is it's CMS.

You will be hard pushed to find any website that is not built on a content management platform (CMS) but why are they so important and why is the Webflow CMS so much better than other platforms such as WordPress?

First lets outline what a CMS allows you to do. In short, by using a CMS you can update, text, images, pages, SEO meta tags, video, you get the idea. This means that once your new web site is live you can maintain it's content without ongoing help and support by a web design company. That said we are always on hand to support you and updates to your website.

So whats so great about the Webflow CMS?

Just like everything Webflow, it's a tool that can be used to build truly amazing web sites without any extra plugins or hacks, unlike WordPress which relies on plugins just to work. Webflow is a dedicated, modern web development platform, not a blogging platform like WordPress, which has been shoehorned into a CMS to build web sites. What this means is clean code, which in turns means Webflow web sites load faster, which in turn improves SEO and Google indexing.

The Webflow CMS is a pleasure to use and if used correctly, anything is possible from simple blogs to complex property listings and more. The Webflow CMS is 100% configurable and not limited in any way. Furthermore, by using Reference Fields you can link to other CMS collections to further enhance it's functionality.

The speed in which CMS collections can be built is super fast. CSV data can also be imported into CMS Collections making the process of data management even faster.

Some examples of how a Webflow CMS can be used

  • Blogs
  • Team profile pages
  • Event listings
  • Property listings
  • Gated content
  • Galleries
  • Product and services pages

If you would like to find out more about Webflow and how we can help with your next website build why not drop us an email here.